Monday, May 14, 2012


Bonjour mes cheries!  And now for the second part of our chateau visit, Fontainbleau!  This chateau is about 55 km southeast of Paris, and we arrived after a quick siesta on the bus.

The Chateau was started way back in the 12th Century and was used as a hunting lodge for the Kings of France.  Francois I was the first to really renovate the place and gave it the style you see today.  Henri II and his wife Catherine de Medici were the next pair to upgrade the chateau.  After the Revolution, a lot of furniture/paintings/etc were sold to finance the new Republic.  Fast forward a century and Napoleon lived/worked/and was under house arrest here.  Napoleon III also lived here.  I loved Fontainbleau!  It was not as touristy or as crowded as Versailles, and the gardens were stunning.  Got my nature fix!

 Wing of the Palace

 I LOVED the staircase!
A wedding party was taking pictures on the steps!! Tellement mignon! J'adore. But I would not want to have any ugly tourists in the background of my pics.

 Fancy boudoir

 Love 4 poster beds

When you are impressed by a room, remember to look at the ceiling.  Then you will be more impressed.
 Sweet Door!

 One of the Grand Salons

Royal Symbols carved in the wall panels

 I loved this gallery!  All the wood gave it such a cozy feeling.

 Decorated wood beams

Painting of Napoleon pretending he is a Greek/Roman god...

 Inner courtyard

 Another Grand Salon
This one was built by Henri II, you could tell because he put "H"s everywhere.
Also remember to look at the floors in fancy rooms.  Chances are the floors are pretty fancy as well.
 Balcony for watching all the royal drama that goes on at grand fetes.

Now that is what I call a fireplace
Frescoes on the Walls

 Ceiling of one of the chapels

 Dome of the Chapel

Gallery of Diana

 Classy Sitting Room

 Queen's Bedroom.  Marie-Antoinette stayed here occasionally!

Throne Room

Napoleon's Throne.  One of the few surviving royal thrones in Europe.  Please note the Eagles and the "N"s on the columns.  Yay symbolism!

Napoleon's Bedroom.
Yep, those are stairs to climb into bed.

 Main Royal Chapel

 Statue of Francois I
Lovely lake with a lovely pavilion!
The pavilion reminded me of the "16 going on 17" scene from The Sound of Music

 Courtyard in front of the lake

Des jardins anglais

mimicking the statue. my favorite chateau activity.

Jolies fleurs

 So many paths to explore....
 Photo op!

View of the lake, chateau and pavilion

 A bad tempered swan
Bottoms up!!
Just when you think swans are classy....


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