Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Melange Post

Bonsoir mes amis!
The title of this post is "Melange" because it is going to be a mix(melange is the French word for mix) of several different things I've been up to in the past few days here in Paris.

Picnic at the Bois de Boulougne!  It is a MASSIVE park just outside Paris.  They have rowboats...

Mardi soir (Tuesday Night)
Dinner with my La Cuisine Paris bosses!!  We went to a restaurant called Jaja in the Marais.  It was absolutely delicious.  They made fun of me for being a foodie and taking pictures of my meal....
 Artichoke Ice Cream
I swear that's what it said on the menu.  The menu was all in French, so you know the restaurant is good!  It was more of an artichoke soup however.  So creamy and yummy.
 Duck Comfit Burger
There was a party on my palate and everyone was invited.

Cafe Gourmand
If you can't decide what to get for dessert, get a cafe gourmand!  It's three little servings of the restaurant's most popular desserts.  There was a chocolate cake/cookie thing with apricot sauce, a sugar cookie with a coffee cream, and vanilla ice cream served in a walnut shell.  The meal was one of the best I have had in Paris.

Last Monuments Class visit.  We went to Montparnasse, an area in the south of Paris.

 Notre-Dame de Travail
This is one of the most unique churches I have seen this semester(and I have seen a LOT of churches)!  The beams were made from iron.

The paintings were all really beautiful and bright.

 Montparnasse Cemetery
Memorial for the poet Baudelaire
After the monument visit:
A visit to the Cinematheque Francaise, for the exposition on Tim Burton!
The show was well done, there were drawings by Tim from his childhood(I think he was a weird kid), costumes and clips from his movies and short films.  Another thing off my Paris Bucket List! 
No pictures allowed in the exposition, and it was really hard to sneak them because there were so many visitors and museum staff. 

 Posters for Tim Burton's movies outside the theater.  Edward Scissorhands translates into Edward Silverhands in French....

A weird blow-up thing outside the theater.


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