Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tanama-Reunion: Paris

Bonjour mes amis!
As summer draws ever closer, I cannot help but get a little camp sick.  Ok, maybe a lot camp sick.  Luckily, yesterday I had a mini Tanamakoon Reunion!  Some camp friends live in Paris, and another is visiting.  We went out for lunch because we all had the day off to celebrate Victory in Europe.  Now where should a bunch of Canadian camp people have lunch in Paris?  Why at the Great Canadian Pub, bien sur!!

 1st plate of Poutine in about 9 months....NOM NOM NOM

 Tanama-Reunion! Rocking our green.
Duckie, Alice, Allie, and Alex


Hopefully I will have time to visit my beloved camp in August after my internship is over.  Still contemplating doing a week of fall outdoor ed.  That would mean missing a few days of school.  Hmmmm.....Do I have to grow up?


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