Monday, May 21, 2012

La Musique Francaise

One exam down, two to go!!  Today I had the grammar portion of my atilier d'ecriture class and tomorrow I have the essay portion as well as my Histoire de Paris a Travers ses Monuments final.  Il y a une lumiere a la fin du passage!!  In the spirit of studying AND procrastinating, here are some of my favourite French Language chansons (songs).

Rien de rien- Edith Piaf
I could not have a post about French music without Edith Piaf!

Sous le ciel de Paris: Juliette Greco
Such a wonderful song that captures Paris beautifully.  It is on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, An Education.

Que Je t'aime: Johnny Hallyday
A classic French pop song

Nos Reves: Kery James ft. Amel Bent
Bah oui, c'est le rap francais! 
The song is about equality in France and for "les banlieues" or the slum suburbs of Paris

all about "this game" of love....
"you like to manipulate me and I like to do the same to you..."

Toi et Moi: Guillaume Grand
My new favorite French song!!  J'adore....
"It will be just you and me/ near here or far/without crazy rules/when you want we'll go/
All the colors of the sky/a bunch of bottles/ of rum, wine and honey/
when you want, we'll go"


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