Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beaucoup de la chance!!

Well mes amis, it is now Thursday night.  The time I've been waiting for all week.  J'ai FINI!  Well, almost.  I had my French Collaborators during the Second World War Expose in my 20th century history class this morning, and it went well!  The prof said it was "bien organise" well organized, and that I clearly understood the topic.  She also used the same source I did when she did her little spiel.  Grand success!! 
Then I headed back to the Sweet Briar Offices to work on my Louis XIV and the Parlement/Parlementaires expose.  Oh mon dieu is that topic hard.  Who actually cares about those guys anyway??? Pas moi.  After working for a few hours on it, it was still merde.  But it was time for class, so I headed out into the Parisian drizzle to walk across the Jardin du Luxembourg for my Louis XIV class.  As I was walking, I thought, "Ah maybe she will be sick! Or maybe she will decide to start her vacation early!"  But the more logical side of me thought, "nahhh....I won't be that lucky.  I'll just have to do it and get it over with."  Resigned to my fate, I headed into the building. 
After a few minutes, another woman arrived and stood in front the classroom door.  She said, "Pas de cours ce soir, le prof n'est pas ici."  For those of you who don't parle francais, that means "there is no class tonight, the professor is not here." 


I was so happy I thought I might pass out.  Someone up there likes me!! Thank you God.  I owe you one :)  Now I have the time to actually work and give a decent expose. I even had a metro "win" on the way home, the train arrived just as I was walking onto the platform.  I'm sure all the other people on the metro thought I was nuts because I was smiling for the whole ride. We had a Franco-American dinner of chicken nuggets (but the homemade version!) and crepes for dessert.  I am getting to be quite the crepe flipper.  My host mom said I was an expert!  Today was my day!
Tomorrow is my last day interning at La Cuisine, but I'll be going back once after break to take a macaron class.  Then Saturday I leave for my Italian (and Nice) vacation!  La vie est belle.  I hope you all had a lovely day too.   

Grand Bisous,

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