Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Les Invalides (Napoleon is compensating for something.....)

Salut mes amis!  In order to convince myself that I am studying for my in class essay on Louis XIV tomorrow, I will write a post on Les Invalides.  What's that you say? Les Invalides is all about Napoleon? Mais non! Les Invalides was built by Louis XIV to be used as a military hospital.  Today it houses the Musee de l'Armee and Napoleon's Tomb.  This post I'll focus on Napoleon's Tomb and I'll save all the cool armour and guns and whatnot for another day!

 A beautiful day at Les Invalides

 The Church where Napoleon I is buried.  The dome of the church is covered in gold leaf...
Big doors for a big church


 Everything about Les Invalides is ornate and filled with grandeur.

There is a big hole directly under the cupola...

 And in the hole is Napoleon I.  The picture really doesn't capture how massive his coffin is...

 Besides Napoleon, there are other tombs of note.  This one is a memorial to the French soldiers in WWI, there are several outcroppings from the main section that house the additional tombs.

Vauban was a noble and a military advisor to Louis XIV (whooo I'm studying!). He helped designed defences for the kingdom of France. 

 The entryway into Napoleon's tomb.  This guy is holding an orb, a symbol of imperial power.

 This guy is holding a crown and scepter, more symbols of the empire of Napoleon.

The eagle also represented the French Empire.  This is a design on the floor.  Fancy!

 On the level with Napoleon.  Goddesses of Victory and Justice (I think) watch over his tomb, and all the tourists that come to see him.

Another Napoleon! Napoleon II to be exact.

 Napoleon I looking over the courtyard of Les Invalides

Well back to the books!  A bientot!!


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